Yellow Joy Machine

The easiest way to explain the Yellow Joy Machine movement is to share how it all began:

Two very special Twitter friends and I happen to pride ourselves on our dork factor. (Those friends are @fromtracie and @believeactgo, who now tweets as @discoveryourbag.) We've shared many "dorky mom" stories. In March of 2010, the three of us had some Twitter conversations about a conference that we were going to attend. I wanted travel to the conference in style, and I planned to decorate my vehicle with big yellow smiley face magnets and window paint - because having FUN is a good thing and smiley faces are a must-have. We spent a lot of time talking about how we'd need a "joy machine" to ride around in. Somehow the color yellow got thrown in there (I think it was because of the yellow smiley faces) and we decided that we'd start living in a Yellow Joy Machine.

We started collecting pictures of yellow things from our everyday lives. Yellow things reminded us of each other, made us feel happy, and helped us remember that we're sisters on a mission... a mission to find joy everywhere!

It doesn't matter what kind of mood I'm in, when I see yellow I get happy because that yellow reminds me that there's always joy to be found if I keep on looking. Over a year later, I'm still collecting yellow and finding joy in everyday moments. It may not make sense to everyone, but it works for me!

Check out some Yellow Joy Machine photos on flickr 
by clicking here.
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