Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Angela Shelton Day!

I've been away for a while. Life's been at me again but I feel really good about where things are headed regardless of the stressful situations around me. The ultimate compliment to me, as someone who's trudging through therapy and healing, is when someone else tells me they notice a difference in my life. I got that ultimate compliment last week. My big brother told me he noticed I'm not a worrier anymore. How cool is that? (If you only knew how much I worried before! OH if you only knew!) But I digress...

April 29th is Angela Shelton Day in Asheville, North Carolina, USA (Angela's hometown).

After Asheville's mayor saw Angela's film, he named April 29th "Angela Shelton Day" in honor of all abuse survivors. You may see the film - Searching for Angela Shelton - for free here:

I am a member of Angela's Army of Angels. You can learn more about the Army of Angels by visiting

This week the Army of Angels and survivors around the world have been "tweeting" stories of abuse victims and survivors on Twitter. The purpose of this "Angels All A-Twitter" campaign is to promote healing, awareness and joy. If you'd like to follow me as I tweet about speaking out and sharing joy and healing, you may do so by visiting my Twitter profile at

The members of The Army of Angels speak out in order to continue the movement of healing and joy that Angela Shelton inspired with her documentary. Angels know that sharing our stories is a great way to promote healing and a way to help other victims and survivors know they are not alone. The Army of Angels is full of women - and men too! - who are fully committed to sharing the hope and joy we've found on our healing journies. The three people who've changed my life in the most profound ways are Jesus, Angela, and Mackenzie Phillips. If you follow my blog, you already know why I cite these three as my inspirations.

For more information about "Angels All A-Twitter" click here.

See you soon with another new blog, but until then, happy healing - and HAPPY ANGELA SHELTON DAY!


SLY said...

You are not a worrier because you are now a warrior! Hehehe!

Meggs said...

Haha that's awesome, Sheena. Love it! =)

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