Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Queen of Halloween

My mother-in-law is the Queen of Halloween around here. She decorates like mad and her collection of Halloween-themed stuff just keeps growing and growing. This year she asked me if I could take some pictures of her decorations. Taking pictures makes me happy. I was glad to help her out. These are my favorite shots from yesterday (notice the yellow in those cute flowers):

What made you happy this week?

Until next time, may you be blessed - and inspired to pass it on!


From Tracie said...

Yet another moment when I know we are indeed wonder-twins. My mother-in-law is the queen of holidays. Seriously.

LOVE the yellow flowers!! And that last sign with the fall trees. That makes me happy.

leigh said...

So much fun and a great memory for the kiddos to always remember the magic of her house.

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