Monday, March 15, 2010

Sharing Music is a Great Way to Share Your Joy!

Oodles of thanks to one of my favorite authors, Travis Thrasher, whose latest novel (Every Breath You Take) inspired this little musical movement of mine.

Many of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook may have noticed that recently I've been sharing something called "Song of the Day". Each day, I find a fun or touching song on YouTube and share it with everyone on my list. Waking up every morning and choosing a song to start off my day has really helped me to stay in a joyful frame of mind. My kids have even gotten in on the fun, listening to each day's song before they get on the bus. We take time each morning to dance together or sit together while we listen. As a matter of fact, this morning I had to promise my 8-year old that he can choose the next tune. I can't wait to see what kind of fun he drops on us tomorrow!

I've gotten a lot of great feedback from this latest musical joy-sharing movement and I'd like to issue a challenge to my regulars. Share a song of the day with your family and friends, and see if it effects you and yours as much as it's affected me and mine. Purposely choose a joyful song, regardless of your mood. Play it a few times after you've selected it and see if it lifts your spirits. (Heads-up on this; some days it doesn't make you feel a bit different! Ha!) Tweet it. Share it on Facebook. Blog about it. Make a conscious decision to be joyful in the midst of whatever you are facing and bring the rest of us along for the ride. What's YOUR song for today?


Tracie said...

We do this...and I have really enjoyed seeing what your songs are each day too. I love that you said some days it doesn't make a bit of difference--honesty! Priceless.

It is all about the joy! Today my song is Beautiful History -Plumb

Meggs said...

OOOOOH! I love Plumb! Off to listen! =D I hope more people share. I love music! (And I especially loved your latest BLOG! You are so awesome!)

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