Monday, September 12, 2011

Wacky Wrap-Up Revisited

Whew! Last week was a whirlwind and I'm happy to say that both emotionally and physically things are looking up. Something fun happened to me and I want to share it with you and revisit the blog post it all stemmed from.

I subscribe to Redbook Magazine and I also follow them on facebook and Twitter. Several months ago they asked (via facebook status update) what kind of quirky coping mechanisms we readers use when we need some calm in our lives. I shared my "Wacky Wednesday Wrap-Up" blog post with them in the comments section of that status update. One of their senior editors emailed me not long ago and asked if she could quote me in their October issue. Of course I said yes! I got my magazine in the mail today and sure enough I saw my little quote. While it's not as amazing as having an article published, it's still lots of fun to see my own name in print in one of my favorite magazines. (And it's a great excuse to remind you to go wrap up in a warm blanket - right now if possible!)

I hope right now, somewhere in this world there is a woman who is discovering (or re-discovering) the "aaaaaaah calm joy" moment of wrapping herself in a blanket fresh from the dryer thanks to this little quote.

What "aaaaaaah calm joy" moments have you experienced lately?  
(Please share in the comments section.)

Until next time, may you be blessed - and inspired to pass it on!

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