Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wacky Wednesday Wrap-Up

In keeping with my "seeking joy in every moment" theme here at the bloggy-blog, I thought I'd be a little silly today and share a secret joy of mine with you. Every now and then I get the urge to be surrounded in warmth. Most of the time this happens in the dead of winter, so I can't just trot outside and find a sunny spot on the lawn which is what I usually do on hot summer days. But sometimes even on those hot summer days, the sunshine doesn't quite do the trick. Here's what does:

(I dare you to follow along with my most sophisticated photo-illustrated instructions and do this NOW. You deserve how awesome this feels, trust me.)

Step one - Go to your blanky pile (or your kids' blanky pile - which is what I always do) and choose a favorite. YAY, Spongebob!

Step two - Stick the thing in the dryer and set the heat on high. Turn on the dryer.

Step three - Grab a watch or set a timer and wait five minutes. (I have learned over the years that five minutes just happens to be the perfectly precise amount of time it takes to heat my blankets to the desired temperature. Times may be adjusted to suit your particular preference.)

Step four - Remove the blanket from the dryer REAL quick-like, make a beeline for your favorite spot on the couch and enJOY until the warmth wears off!

My "inner child" loves this warm wrap-up. What's a silly calming and comforting ritual or coping mechanism you secretly enjoy? Dare you to share!


From Tracie said...

I LOVE doing that!! LOVE! I have a special blanket with polka dots....and some days I just need to be embraced by warm polka dots! =)

Feel the love!
Feel the joy!

One Cluttered Brain said...

Warm blankets...*sigh* niiiice!
Enjoy the warmth!

Anonymous said...

look at your 'little' peeking out from under that 'bankie'!!! she's so sweet....wanna hug her...

Fluttering Designs said...

This is exactly why I miss having my own dryer! Forget the laundry - warm blankies are the BEST!

Sheena LaShay said...

Hey hey! I do this too and I love this trick. I fall asleep instantly! Also loving the changes over here!

Meggs said...

This is almost a metaphor for speaking out about abuse. We keep it a secret and then we we talk about it everybody says, "ME TOO!" Crazy how that works, eh? Love y'all!

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