Monday, September 13, 2010

I Promise the Stomp, the Whole Stomp, and Nothing but the Stomp!

I feel like taking some time out of my crazy stress-filled day to share a joyful song with you. I was just in the shower trying to sing the blues away, and this song came to mind. (Don't worry, I got dressed before coming here to post... Haha!)

Now, If you're *ahem* my age or anywhere near it, you've heard this song about 50,000 times and then some. If you're a Jesus-lovin' survivor like me, this song may hold special meaning in your life. If it doesn't, let me invite you to hit the "play" button, close your eyes, and just dance. Pay special attention to the message of JOY and VICTORY. Now if that don't make you wanna have church I don't know what will.

"When I think about the goodness

and the fullness of God

Makes me pity the hateful

I'm grateful the Lord brought me through this far..."

Just out of curiosity, what song(s) hold special meaning for you as a survivor? Please share them in the comments section of this blog. (By the way, they don't have to be Jesus songs.)

Until next time... ♥


Danielle Holston said...

"Lead Me" by Sanctus Real really changed me. It showed me that I'm not the only one and that everyone has problems. It also spoke to me that everyone seems okay, on the outside. We all need someone to lead us in our weak times.

From Tracie said...

You Alone (David Crowder) I remember singing that song and realizing that the very fact I was alive-that I had made it one more day was a feat on the level of miracle. As I grew and healed I saw it as a praise that I am alive and actually doing something with my life.

Be Wise Be Strong Be You (CeeCee Michaela)

LadyJtalks said...

I think about any of Pat Benetar (spelling)back in my days would have been mine

Megan Monique said...

That song was awesome! I love gospel music. Thanks for sharing. Gave me a moment to get my groove on.

Meggs said...

Thanks so much for sharing!!! =)

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