Monday, September 20, 2010

(We All Live in a) Yellow Joy Machine

You may or may not have noticed my blog's recent redesign. You also may or may not have noticed that over on the right-hand side bar there's now a button labeled The Yellow Joy Machine.

How do I define the yellow joy machine? I tried to sort through "tweets" from my Twitter account to get back to the inception of this "Yellow Joy Machine" project so I'd be able to adequately explain to you what in the whole wide world it is. One hour and 2,879 tweets later, I realized that this project was born before my Twitter trauma (but we really don't need to dwell on that now, do we?) and so I'm left trying to explain it without the aid of the tweets that caused the whole "yellow joy movement" in the first place.

Let's just say that two very special Twitter friends and I happen to pride ourselves on our dork factor. We've shared many "dorky mom" stories throughout the last several months. In March of this year, the three of us talked a lot about a conference that we were planning to attend. I had grand plans to travel to the conference in style. I was busy working on a way to decorate my vehicle with big yellow smiley face magnets and window paint. We spent a lot of time talking about how we'd need a "joy machine" to ride around in. Somehow the color yellow got thrown in there (I think it was because of the yellow smiley faces) and we decided that we'd start living in a Yellow Joy Machine.

The three of us started collecting pictures of yellow things from our everyday lives. Yellow things reminded us of each other, made us feel happy, and helped us remember that we're sisters on a mission... a mission to find joy everywhere! It doesn't matter what kind of mood I'm in, when I see yellow it is impossible for me to feel alone because that yellow reminds me that there is always joy to be found. Six months later, we're still collecting yellow and finding joy in everyday moments.

This past Saturday my family and I had planned to visit a local church for their youth group's chili supper and fireside praise and worship service. Saturday was a very strange day for me. It started off great and got really weird somewhere around 1pm. I almost backed out of attending the event. My kids were so excited about what we had planned, and - brutal honesty - I seriously contemplated letting them down because I'd ended up having a rotten experience that day. When I realized that staying home and sitting around in the "funk" would do me absolutely zero good and disappoint my kids, I purposefully dressed my kids in yellow and sort of forced myself to go. I'm so glad I did! We had many joyfully yellow moments that evening and I ended up having a really great time.

What color brings you joy? Wanna join up with us and contribute your own joyful pictures? Visit the group at Flickr and hop on into the Yellow Joy Machine!

The two other (awesomely dorky) ladies who are equally responsible for this yellow joy movement also have blogs. Check them out here:

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Dancing B*a*g Lady said...

Joy journey, simple, not always easy. Here's to motoring on!!!

Shen said...

How fun! I love it when people stop worrying about the dork factor and just go with what brings joy.

Just Be Real said...

Meggs I love your dork factor. Yellow never used to be one of my fav colors. Over the years I have grown to like the color. It is bright and represents the sun as well. Appreciate your encouraging comments to me of recent, thank you. Blessings.

From Tracie said...

Every time I read this I smile. Love you Yellow Joy Sister!

Meggs said...

Thanks for all the feedback. If you're not already a member of the Flickr group be sure to check it out. We'd love to have you!

Persephone Sea said...

omg! You and I have so much in common! When I saw this my mouth just dropped open. Not only do I agree w/you about the colour yellow making you feel so good even if Ur in a dumpy mood, but the very same picture you commented on(my facebook photo)is the same one I have on my abandoned Flickr account. (Too many photos on there, literally 1000's of photos I had a "Pro" account, but it had exspired. I have to fix it up again. That will be a project. *I think this is a great idea! And I LOVE the look of Ur new blog! and the photos of Ur lovelies in the yellow.* LOVE how Ur brain works, always full of ideas, floating around in there! I'm gonna check out the Flickr photos & try & remember my password and join. ;p xx LOVE THIS!

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