Saturday, September 11, 2010

I Remember (09-11-01)

I remember.

I remember a time when religious zealotry wasn't the topic of every conversation. I remember a time when I could step into a church without wondering if I'd make it home to my family. I remember being able to turn on the television to be entertained for an hour without the interruption of overly-political and incendiary news stories. I remember what America used to be, and I mourn the loss of innocent lives. Not only the loss of the lives of those who perished, but the loss of livelihood for those left behind.

I remember.

And every day I make a conscious choice to honor those lost lives by doing the best I can to LIVE in what freedoms remain.

I remember.

How could I forget?


Anonymous said...

Well put and beautiful. I was JUST changing the calendar and said out loud "It's 9/11". Then came in my room, sat on my bed then saw your post pop up on facebook with the flag and I thought to myself "Good minds think alike".

xox Remember...


Lori said...

Nicely put, Megan. :)

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