Monday, December 28, 2009

What Was I Thinking?

Ha! I told you I'd be back with day nineteen soon... I'm so silly! I just realized I've got another week of having both of my boys here at home instead of sending them off to school each morning. Finding time to write is just not feasible at the moment. We're having too much fun! School starts back up on the 4th of January... I'll probably see you then.

In the mean time, if you're in a safe place on your healing journey, you may want to check out "Incest: A Family Tragedy"... It's a documentary. Lynn C. Tolson (author of "Beyond the Tears: A True Survivor's Story") donated a DVD of the film to our BOOKSHARE/MEDIASHARE program over at the We Support Mackenzie Phillips group on facebook. (Thank you, Lynn!) I believe this film is just as important as "Searching for Angela Shelton" in many ways. Both documentaries are filled with truth and both open our eyes to things we may not have seen before. "Searching for Angela Shelton" features interviews with survivors of rape, incest and domestic violence. "Incest: A Family Tragedy" features interviews not only with incest survivors and professionals, but also with the perpetrators of this horrific crime. I highly recommend it. It's very informative. It's very haunting. It's very sad. It's very real.

Moving on...

I don't normally make New Year's resolutions, but I'm making one for 2010. In 2010, I resolve to continue SPEAKING OUT and to learn about and spread the word about child abuse prevention.

We as survivors hold in our hearts and our hands the potential to change the world by being brave and continuing the fight for victims everywhere. Will you resolve to join with me and speak your truth? I can promise you from experience... someone is waiting to hear it.


Lori said...

Nice "Mega-phone", Meggs. Get it? And great resolution. It's mine too. Wonderful sentiments. Now enjoy the time with your boys. You'll miss them when they're back in school. :)

Meggs said...

Thanks, Lori. Me and my megaphone. You know that's one of the reasons I chose it as my logo here! Haha!

I've had visions and dreams of the things 2010 has in store for survivors. I hope they come true. I am not attached to an outcome (thank goodness Angela's always reminding us not to get attached to an outcome - whew!) so I'm ready for ANYTHING!

The boys and I are having a blast playing board games day after day. We bought Kegan Chutes and Ladders for Christmas. It's his first board game and he thinks he's a big man now - ha! So cute! He's seen us and "helped us" play Sorry and Risk and he's begged us to let him play games "by all myself like bubby like a big boy" for about a year now. It was about time I did something about that and bought the poor kid a board game we can ALL play together. Hope you and your boys are well! =)

Eva Marie said...

Yes...keep speaking out! That's the legacy of a true survivor!

Meggs said...

Eva Marie, I definintely plan on it... thanks for your comment and for the motivation! =)

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