Monday, January 18, 2010

Getting Down to Business

"You can't overestimate the need to plan and prepare. In most of the mistakes I've made, there has been this common theme of inadequate planning beforehand. You really can't over-prepare in business!" -Chris Corrigan

"Finding Angela Shelton" - Day Twenty-four...

Today's task: "Make a business plan for your life... Read the 10 things you wrote down in the beginning. On a new sheet of paper write out a plan (even if you think it is crazy) about how to move from one side of the list to the affirmation list."

Oooooh, if I could only tell you how much I loved today's instructions. I am such a planner and I love business. A business plan for my life? YES! Hooray! A goal is more often realized when the person who sets it has a plan of action. Knowing that made this task really, really appealing to me. I want to succeed in life... why not make a plan?

I sat down in my "office" (yup, my sectional couch is my office - haha!) and scribbled this one out in no time. All I had to do was write down a few details of the actions I need to take in order to realize the affirmations/goals I wrote down on Day Three.

Here's what I came up with:

#1 Brave, Courageous, Strong = Keep speaking out and find opportunities to get more involved on a local level.

#2 Healthy Relationships = Spend more time doing things to nurture healthy relationships. Make a commitment to hang out with someone at least once a month.

#3 True to Self = Remember that it's okay to stand up for what I believe in... and do my best to do just that.

#4 Take Care of Myself = Eat when I'm hungry. Stop when I'm full. Move more and do things to nurture my SELF.

#5 My Place in the World = Continue to walk in the direction God leads and remember why I'm here.

#6 I'm Not Alone = Continue to be a part of a community of supportive people. Examples: Support Group, Church Family.

#7 Boundaries = Set healthy boundaries by constantly self-checking and evaluating relationships and responsibilities.

#8 Play! = Spend time doing things I love. Strive to live in the moment. Don't be ashamed of doing "child-like things" in order to process emotions. Let loose and smile about LIFE as often as possible.

#9 Nightmares = Do everything I know how to do to remember that the past is the past and that nightmares give me an opportunity to address suppressed feelings... feel them and let them go.

#10 Relax! = When I feel myself getting frazzled, take time to use breathing techniques and relax as often as possible. Remember there is nothing wrong with RELAXING!

I know a few of you reading this are "regulars" and I would love to have your take on my business plan. Brainstorming is a good thing, and you guys/gals may have some ideas that I didn't think of. Feel free to comment about ways you might help me improve or elaborate on my plan. I'd love to have the input! We're getting so close to the end of the "30-Day" leg of my journey, and I'd also love to have some suggestions on things you'd like to see happening with my blog after the "Joy Journey" is through!

I'm kind of excited to see what tomorrow holds... I love being able to say that and mean it!

Happy healing!


QuietGentleVoice said...

Hi Megan...this is Bonnie on my gmail account. My question is just how to get started? For some reason I have such a hard time of writing things down, it becomes overwhelming, too many things rush through my mind and I give up. Any suggestions how starting out small?

Meggs said...

I would suggest just putting the pen on paper and not trying to limit yourself or focus on one particular thing until you start writing... If it's scattered, it's okay. The more you put things into practice, the easier they get.

It helps to get off to yourself, play some music to get lost in (I love playing praise music when I journal) and just sort of let go. If you want to write about something that happened in the past just start by writing "________ happened to me when I was younger and I don't really know where to start but I feel like writing about it..." And let it flow. No expectations! There are no mistakes. Don't erase things or try to make it look pretty... scribble mistakes out and keep writing. Practice. It will come to you the more you try.

Don't worry about even making full sentences... just write. If you don't know exactly what you want to say, just be fragmented. Sometimes I just doodle.

I have found over the years of journaling through my healing process that it's the expectations that hold me back. Just write. You cannot do it "wrong" - it's YOUR writing. It doesn't have to make sense, even to YOU! =)

If you are still having trouble and you need more specific suggestions or you need help in starting a specific entry, email me with the idea of what you're trying to write about. I'd be glad to help you out.

Lori said...

I find when my mind is flooded with thoughts that it helps to jot down a quick note for each so I can then go down the list and expand upon the idea. I'm constantly writing little notes. I keep lists in my pocket until I can transfer them into sentences. Otherwise, forget it, I can't remember any of what I was thinking. Especially when there are a lot of ideas at once.

Good advice, Meggs. As always. Good plan, too. I can't think of anything to add. And I think you'll keep blogging as inspiration strikes. I'm trying to follow for the thirty days. Can't make any guarantees after that. But I hope you do continue. You have a voice and you've found it. :)

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