Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Family Reading Night

(Current reads. From the top: 
the six-year-old's, 
the nine-year-old's, 
and the husband's.)

Until next time, may you be blessed - and inspired to pass it on!


From Tracie said...

I love my reading wonder-family.

What I want to know is...are y'all loving the books?

Meggs said...

We really are. Mr. 9-yr-old is especially enjoying his advance reader copy of Michael Vey. It officially releases August 9th. It's an awesome book! I'm reading it too because Richard Paul Evans is one of my favorite authors and even though it's a YA book it's got a great plot and it's very well written. Full disclosure, we got it for free from the author's camp because I'm part of the street team for the book... but I would have read it anyway because HE wrote it! Ha!

Jo said...

How fun! You've got some great books in that stack!

Raven's Rest Studio ~ Jennifer Conway said...

aaaahhhhh - Stephen King. I sure read a lot of his books way back in my high school days. I read them in bed at night, and I sometimes had to slam the book shut, heart pounding, and take a few deep breaths before continuing on! I was always a big reader too, and am trying to pass my love of books along to my kids. Happy Reading! *smiles* ~Jen

Meggs said...

Thanks, Jen! Hubby is definitely a HUGE King fan. He has literally read every Stephen King book published. LOL! Happy reading to you and yours as well!

Meggs said...

Jo, they ARE some good ones! Thanks for stopping by!

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