Thursday, July 07, 2011

Three Things (Giveaway!)

I have this nice Vera Bradley* mini hipster (6" x 8" x ½" - 59¼" strap) in the "Viva la Vera" pattern. (It's very gently used - VERY gently - meaning it looks like new because it was barely touched and there are no tags on it. That's it in the picture up there.) I received it as a gift yesterday from someone who asked me to pass it along if I wasn't able to use it. Well, my youngest son has asthma and I pretty much always have to carry with us his rescue inhaler and chamber (which is huge) so it's just not practical for me to hang on to this gorgeous little bag... so I was showing it to my sister today and asking her if she would be able to use it and she said, "You should use it to do a giveaway on your blog!" So guess what? I'm doing a giveaway on my blog! FUN!

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment on this blog post telling me three things you ALWAYS carry in your purse. If you're a fella or you just carry a wallet, leave a comment with three things you always have in your wallet. If you don't carry a purse or a wallet, just leave a comment with three reasons you want to win this giveaway. Limit one entry per person. Duplicate comments will not be counted as valid entries. The winner will be chosen using the True Random Number Generator at This giveaway is open to US residents ages 18 and over. The giveaway will close at 6:00pm Eastern Standard Time on July 15th, 2011. The winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to respond to the notification email with their shipping address. If your email address is not accessible through your blogger profile or I do not know you personally, you must leave your email address in your comment for your entry to be valid. Thank you for participating!

The three things I always carry in my purse are:

My Vera Bradley checkbook cover and change purse. They're very YELLOW, and I insist that every purse I carry coordinate with them in some way. You all know about me and my yellow joy. I can't leave the house without it!

My Burt's Bees lip balm (with the label removed - I know that's kinda strange, but it's so much more YELLOW that way).

A list that my wonderful friend Joanne passed on to me - 10 forms of twisted thinking. It helps me remember how to stay grounded and not get caught up in worry or fear! I transfer it from wallet to wallet and I read it on average once a week (anytime my thoughts start spiraling I reach for it).

Until next time, may you be blessed - and inspired to pass it on!

*Vera Bradley is NOT sponsoring this post. I am not affiliated with Vera Bradley in any way. (But I do love me some Vera Bradley!)


Anonymous said...

I carry too much--it's hard to narrow it down to 3 things! :)

My camera! Never know when those 'kodak moments' are going to happen.'s an addiction :)

andddd....hairtie/bobby pins! i play with my hair constantly :)

joanne d said...

Way cool blog. Way cool. Beautiful bag, but alas, I am not eligible because I live in another Country, eh? (Oh Canada, my home and native land...sing with me...)

But just for fun here goes:

1. My iTouch. It is my calendar, and my address book, and my tunes, and my 'boring waiting room time kill for appointments' video game, and some healthy wellness apps and portable movies and TV episodes all wrapped up in one.

2. My 10 forms of Twisted Thinking. It is the Bible for stopping craziness instantly. "RAAAAID!!!!!" for insanity. Instant sanity. The kind without the caffeine buzz or sugar high. :) Stop, get sane, GO again.

3. Dog 'bags'. As a responsible oldest child I would be way too embarrassed to be caught in public with the pup and an 'accident' I could not immediately pick up and dispose of appropriately, as is the only righteous thing to do here.

And good friends in my heart. Really good friends in my heart.

From Tracie said...

The bag is so very pretty!

How have I not thought of removing my Burt's Bees label? I am SO going to do that today!!

1. Camera - can't risk missing a yellow joy photo opportunity.

2. Small notebook - with red and YELLOW ladybugs on it, perfect for jotting down blog ideas and notes when they come to me while I'm out in the world, away from my computer.

3. Sunglasses - too much sun and I get a headache, so sunglasses are a must for me.

(I have Burt's Bees too, and a nail file)

Kerri said...

I carry a little elephant money bag from Thailand my sister-in-law brought back for me. Don't get excited, she also got one for my oldest daughter so they must have been cheap. But it is cute and I know when someone else has it because it jingles when moved. I have my driver's license, some money, and lipstick-unless Mckenna absconds with it.


Tessa Miller said...

Such a cute bag. And what a cute idea!!

I carry my phone all the time. I would be lost without it.

I have pictures of my family, mostly my cousins. They mean the world to me and I take them everywhere.

And I always have my wallet. It holds my whole life.

If I were to win this bag, I will probably give it to my mom. She loves Vera Bradley. She is also currently off work and doesn't get to go out often because she's I'll. So when she does, pretty things make her feel pretty. :)

Beth said...

Found my way here through Tracie (Hi Tracie!). :) Okay ... my purse always holds

1. a ring of tags to gyms, tanning salons, etc. so I have easy access to the several IDs that I must carry with me!

2. Pain pills and muscle relaxants. I don't have to take them all that often but if I need them ... it's best if they're handy!

3. Wallet, Keys and Smart Phone ... can't leave home without them!

Nice to meet you!

Blogger is being obnoxious today and won't let me use my Google profile to comment. :(

Kerri said...

Beth named more than three...if Tessa were definitely going to give it to her mom, I would say, give it too her..but probably....I think Joane should have it.

Anonymous said...

Lilah Gardner(because I know this is showing as anonymous :P )

How fun!

In my purse I always carry a little paper notebook so I can write down any important thoughts that pop in to my head, my cell phone (after my daughter had a sezure-like episode and passed out in my arms a few years back I make sure to always have it on me), and my credit card (I very rarely ever have cash on me).

Janel Dixon said...

I love contests!! :)

I carry my checkbook (even though with my debit card I rarely use it anymore), old receipts (they always seem to accumulate at the bottom of my purse), and chapstick :)

I love your blog by the way! Very inspiring

cheercfa07 said...

I am a HUGE Vera Bradley fan!

I always carry my wallet (which happens to be Vera Bradley!), Burt's Bee Lip Balm (love this stuff), and my phone. I try to only carry the essentials!


cheercfa07 said...

Sorry, I forgot to leave my e-mail address! It's cheercfa07 at aol dot com.

mendyd said...

I always carry my wallet, chap stick and my sunglasses. I also carry a ton of other things cause you never know when you need them. LOL

mendyd15 at yahoo dot com

eclairre said...

I always have my wallet, my phone, and a good book!

Meggs said...

Congratulations to Janel Dixon - and THANK YOU For all the wonderful comments! =)

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