Saturday, February 06, 2010

Why the Angela Shelton Foundation? (Blog-a-thon Post 2)

The main reason I'm doing this blog-a-thon is to reach out to survivors of sexual abuse, rape and trauma. I realize that there are tons and tons of nonprofit 501c3 organizations out there who already do this. Let me tell you why I've chosen to raise money for this particular one...

The purpose of the Angela Shelton Foundation is to inspire and empower all survivors of abuse to heal and lead joyful lives. The foundation provides assistance to worldwide organizations and projects in the arts and media that share their mission of inspiring, empowering and aiding all survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence.

The Angela Shelton Foundation understands that if we all come together in one place and share what we know, how we heal, and where to go for help, the world will be a better place for survivors. That's why they created the website Survivor Manual. The goal for Survivor Manual, its mission, is "to inspire and empower all survivors of abuse to heal and lead joyful lives and provide the answers needed to do so."

Angela Shelton works so hard to bring people and resources together to show survivors that there is hope. She embraces a "no competition" attitude that I love. She encourages survivors, therapists, nonprofits, supporters, etc. to contribute to Survivor Manual. I've heard her say many times that her vision is to make Survivor Manual like the Huffington Post of healing. How cool is that? How can I not support that? After all, the Angela Shelton Foundation and Survivor Manual have had a huge hand in my own healing.

Stay tuned for more information, and for stories of survivors who have found help and hope through online organizations made possible in part by the Angela Shelton Foundation.

Watch the live UStream broadcast of this blog-a-thon by clicking here.

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