Saturday, February 06, 2010

You Are Not Alone, Ger's Story (Blog-a-thon Post 8)

Dear Survivor,

Ger wants you to know you are not alone. Here's what she has to say:

When I joined the Facebook group, it was quite well established. At first, I was an angry old lady who didn't think discussion groups would help anyone. My experience with groups was quite negative...

My childhood was brutal and so terrifying, I put it away and hid from it for 39 years. I'd never met anyone who shared my experiences. I mean, my mother tried to kill me, my father attacked and sodomized me and my grandfather molested me, for years. So, I wasn't expecting to be embraced, nor did I expect to find like-minded women who really do 'get it'.

This group has opened my mind. That was just the first thing they did, though. After prying my mind open, they made me see that I have a contribution to make, I can help others. Not only have they helped me to help others, they've helped me help myself. Their support gave me the impetus and I must say, the courage to get back to working on my book.

I can honestly say, from my heart, I adore and honor and respect everyone I've met in this group and they have helped me get through the tough times and made me see, in a way I never saw before, the process never ends. And, that's OKAY.

Stay tuned for more...

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Lori said...

Nice statement, Ger. Your presence in the group has changed my life. I'm very glad to have met you and to have the opportunity to know you as a friend! Your book exemplifies your spirit, and is a major contribution to the world.

And thanks, Megan, for all the hard work you've done compiling these blogs, in addition to the ones you've been writing yourself. It's a great gift for this cause.

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